"I've used NeoMail for the last few months and I must say it's the perfect no-frills, no-mess mail client. It easily handles your address book imports and it does pretty much everything you need to do. It's perfect for the business traveller or if your mail program suddenly stuffs up for any reason whatsoever. I highly recommend it!
Technical Administrator
"I've tried at least four webmail programs and NeoMail wins hands down. [product deleted] was not pretty, used ugly code, and mixed CGI and Javascript in ways making for poor performance. [product deleted] needed too many modules and used slow services. [product deleted] simply didn't work at all on a perfectly setup Apache box. The others I looked over left me pulling my hair out due to lack of documentation. Putting NeoMail on, however, was very simple.

...I was impressed with the installation utility, the generous comments and humour... Most astonishing, is that I haven't really felt the need to redesign the look & feel, as with the other programs that was almost my first reaction. Your pages are clean, and constructed in a way which works well with an existing frameset on the intranet."

Mark Parrott
Chairman & Creative Director
rimric corporation
"The way I see it, the companies who have been at it for much longer than you have, have a very real problem with focusing their work. It seems everybody's trying to make "a better Outlook" for the web, and they're just getting bigger, more bloated and resource hungry. Most people or organizations only need a mail client that can do mail. . . you've managed to give us (and many, many more) exactly that. In a simple way, using the functionality of the standard mail server/web server. No oversized SQL-solutions or requiring just about every perl module ever written. Just plain simple, fast and efficient! As far as I'm concerned, you've gotten the closest to a killer app in the webmail segment I've ever seen!"
Håvard Skrødahl
Captain/IT Administrator
Norwegian Armed Forces Staff College
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